Friday, October 31, 2008

trick or treating for 3 month olds.

We went to Nick's work...mostly to show off Claire to all of Nick's office buddies. I didn't bring a basket or anything to go trick or treating with, but none the less, they forced the candy on us. I kept saying things like, "who do you think is really going to eat this? It's not Claire...unless you mean in a secondary way." they thought I was just joking.


Marissa said...

That first year is so fun for Mom and Dad, the kids just get dragged along for the show and tell! Oh, and I LOVE that picture of Claire from her blessing-what a great smile!

Missy Jurgens said...

OK, I love the blog! Now I can finally see what the heck you've been doing since you fell off the face! Your daughter is SO CUTE!!! I'm sending you an invite to our blog (its private because I'm paraniod and overprotective of my kidddies.) Claire's costume was REALLY cute, good job, Deb.