Friday, August 12, 2011

reasons I know my hubby loves me...

Whenever we go visit my mom, he wants a detailed list of jobs that she needs done around the house. He always, ALWAYS is helping with the kitchen in her home.

He takes my daddy on drives. I don't know what it is about that generation. I do not like to sit in cars any longer than necessary, but my dad loves to just take a drive and look at the scenery. My hubby will go with him. Talk to him. My father has had two strokes and three heart attacks and isn't able to do much, so this is one of the few ways that you can spend time with him and my hubby suggests rides with my dad regularly.

I am a bit of a clean freak. Whenever I come up with a new place to put the *towels, he tries to remember that and puts the *towels where I ask him to.
*towels stands for any random change I make.

My dishes are always done because I told him how much it bugs me to go to bed with a sink of even rinsed dishes.

When I tire of laundry, he takes the brunt and I will build up the pile and he'll do them.

If I leave him a recipe, he'll make dinner.

He does every kid duty that I do that doesn't include nursing, carrying the child in uteri or birthing the child.

He LOVES his kids. Does everything he can with them and for them, but still allows me to be the boss of how we discipline (though he is allowed to have input).

While I'm teaching, Nick is a full time daddy.

Let's me sing even though he could go his whole life without ever wanting a performing wife, he deals with it (Nick doesn't like to stand out---he likes to be in the background and with a loud wife, that makes it pretty hard).

I feel very lucky to be married to such a guy.


Hurst Family said...

Aw- what a sweet post to your hubby. And what a sweet hubby you have.

Long day.
Made me cry a little.

I think that one needs a hug not just a blog post :)

christine said...

Yep, he's definitely a keeper. :)

Marisa said...

Cute. Loved reading this! :-)

Sorensen Home Base said...

Sounds just like his dad!

tawnya said...

Aw. Love it!

Lauren said...

You did get a good one, and so did he.

Missy said...

He really sounds like your perfect match!!! As amazing as you are, you totally deserve someone equal and it sounds like that is what you have.
I didn't know that about your poor dad though. :(. * hugs

deb sorensen said...

Mags, I hug regularly. Some people are just randomly standing there I'll feel the need to hug...fair warning to those in my path at such times ;) I wish you were HERE to hug. Baby?


Lacy@uphillandsmiling said...

This is an awesome post, Deb! And I heard a quote somewhere that I think is true and definitely applies to your hubby: "Behind every good man, is a GREAT woman!" :) love ya

bex said...

Sweet Post:)