Friday, January 21, 2011


Claire talks really well on the phone now. She will hand me the phone and ask to talk to a specific person. Yesterday it was Daddy, Grammie, Grumpy and then Amy. It's always a laugh to hear her tell them about her potty training or the bad action she did hours earlier. She remembers things so clearly.

Lately, when I tell her to tell the person on the other end of the line that she loves them, which is an indication that it's time to give the phone to me, she gives it a giant hug and kiss before she'll hand it off. Very sweet girl.

She wants me to document EVERYTHING! "Momma! take a picture!" I finally just started taking one with my fingers---pretending. For a while there, if I didn't have the camera in hand for every moment, I wasn't taking enough pictures.

Matthew is crazy. He screams through his naps lately. Even at night. 2 nights ago, I finally put him down stairs because there was nothing I could do for him. I imagined I heard him screaming for the rest of the night and was up 20 times to check on him. 10 of those times he was screaming. argh.

He's started to babble. His latest is "dadadada". Nick loves it. I can't help but love that kid. He's a cuddle-er.

Eating real food is a trip for him. He hates his cereal. He wants what we are eating. Sometimes we'll give it to him...if it's rice or a bit of bread. he gnaws it to death and then swallows it or it ends up mushed to death and on his shirt.