Monday, September 27, 2010


Well, Matthew has it...sigh

I've never heard such painful breathing/coughing.

On a happy note, check out Matthew saying cheese for the camera...

... just like how Nick taught Claire to say cheese.

Also: Grasshoppers

Claire has been seeing a lot of grasshoppers lately. At first she would just try to smoosh them, because that's what Dad taught her to do.

A little while ago she switched to saying: eat it? grasshopper? eat it?
Nick thinks this is from watching Lion King and seeing them eat all the bugs.

Now she applauds them:
On Saturday, I was mowing the lawn. Claire was following me around and yelling at the grasshoppers. Then, I notice she is waving her arms and yelling. I turn off the lawnmower to hear her saying, "yeah, grasshopper!" clap clap clap, waving arms in air, "you walking! good job, grasshopper! Walking grasshopper, yeah! good job!" clap clap clap

who's going to feed me?

Monday, September 20, 2010


Claire was eating lasagna on yesterday. She became covered in sauce quickly. We were prepared and moved her shirt prior to eating. Out of no where, Claire looks at us and says, "I see mirror?"

Matthew is growing like a weed. He was weighed at about six weeks and he has grown to be a round 9 lbs 11 oz!

He loves:
his head rubbed
his belly full
to be held
to sleep
warm baths
to burp
playing horsey with Daddy and Claire
his swing
his sucker (binky)
to smile at Mom!

He hates:
Claire pulling him (argh!)
changing clothes/diapers
Mom cleaning out his eyes and nose (WOW this kid gets crustys!)

He is the sweetest baby. I'm so grateful. I am used to hearing moms saying that 'it feels like this baby has always been with us'. I'm beginning to know what they mean. He started to sleep through the night (with TRAINING! THIS WAS NOT NATURAL! Thank you BabyWise!) a week ago. Though it is still erratic, he has done it 4 times this week. HURRAY!

Nick is crazy at work. He's working really hard on so many projects. He is not 'in love' with his job, but he really loves his boss. Last week his boss was in like 40 meetings back to back and Nick knew the boss' car was acting up and he didn't have lunch plans. Nick took his car in, had it fixed, filled up the gas, bought his lunch and didn't tell him any of this. Just didn't make a big deal about it so it was one less thing the boss had to worry about. The boss noticed and was grateful. So typical of Nick. I have such a great husband.

I am crazy with students and kids. I'm trying to loose weight before Christmas starts. I've already started training for my next Ragnar (okay ladies! Let's do it!!! I hope you have started training, too). I'm exhausted---my thyroid is out of control again---but overall, we're doing so well.

Brother-in-law (Daniel) just became engaged (to Sarah)! Hurray! Hurry up and have kids so Claire and Matthew will have close in age cousins on the Sorensen side.

My sis Becky is entering her 3rd trimester with her girl, Elizabeth Jane.

My dad is recovering from his second stroke (last Saturday).

My new nephew Rodrick is doing GREAT in football. Go Arborview!

That's about it for now.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

a whole different kind of naked...

We were at the pool just before Matthew was born, waiting in line to get in. In front of us were two girls in VERY revealing bikinis. Claire looked at them, smiled, pointed, turned to me and said,

"look! Boobies! Bum-bum!"

I'm trying to contain my laughter when she just puts it plainly:


The girls were looking for attention, I just don't imagine that they expected to get it from a 2 year old.

double tub...

I let Claire play in the big tub while I wash Matthew in the little tub. The first time I did this, I got Matthew out, wrapped him in a towel and looked up to see this. I think it's rather adorable. Especially because she got in to wash her own babies.

comic strip