Friday, March 19, 2010


Claire and I were going to pick up Daddy from work. I had her shoes, coat and all other necessary items to conduct this outing when Claire yells, "Gee-sahs! Gee-sahs!" I sit there thinking, I've heard this word. I know what she's saying, why can't I place it? Finally, she gets impatient for my understanding, so she runs into her room and grabs something all the while yelling, "Gee-sahs, gee-sahs."

I finally look to see what she has...if you're a little slow, like me, I will have to tell you it was a picture of Jesus. She wanted to take it with us to get Daddy. So, we brought it in the car and she sat and held it, saying His name and even giving Him kisses.

That's right, Monster. Take Him with you where ever you go.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


This is Miles. We have called him Claire's boyfriend since before he was born (he's about eight months younger). Claire has never really done a whole lot with bottles, but I now know she's on her way to helping me out with the new baby with all her attempts at feeding Miles. Miles handles it pretty well the first few times. But Claire likes to pull it away and give it back so many times that the poor kid has had enough soon after she starts.

Claire yells "Miles!" every time anyone knocks at the door, hoping it's him. She cried when he left her in the store the other day. She has a fondness for him that is so endearing. He is crawling right now and she has recently discovered that riding Daddy as a horse is fun stuff. So, it was an easy transition to riding Miles. The first few times I saw it, I thought she was being mean. You know, trying to sit on him, like you always hear kids do to their little siblings when they first come around. I was glad I figured it out because it made me nervous for this new little one!

Anyway, she loves this kid. She still steals his toys (and he hers), but they get along pretty well.


One day, we have to get her one. She was so mad when we put it back on the shelf that I had to leave the area and distract her with a ball.

I've called her "Speed Racer" before, but really. She is. I look at how others crawl and remember the days I would put her down, remember I hadn't shut the bathroom door (who wants their kid to crawl on that floor, or play with the toilet and garbage can in there!?) and I would have to RUN back to the bathroom (a good 15 yards away from where I put her) or she would beat me to it.

On this little bike, she didn't understand the petals, but she sure scooted her way around. Nick and I would have to race down the isle to catch her before she turned the corner without us.


Claire loves her new coat from GGrandma Carol. She loves the "bah-tons" and the "bow" on the back. Thanks GGrandma!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

insights from dad....

Happiness is when your 19 month old can turn on a movie and entertain herself.