Wednesday, April 9, 2014

my body tells me...

We talk a lot about what our bodies are telling us to do. This originated from Claire having lots of potty problems. So we need to "listen to our bodies". And it spans over to when our bodies tell us we are full, or that we need a drink instead of candy or that we are bored instead of hungry...etc.

Bruiser hates bedtime (to digress, I'm so WORRIED about this problem for when the baby comes! Advice, anyone?). He wants to go potty 20 times, or needs a drink or whatever. He's in and out of his room. A few times I've found the toilet brush in the middle of the carpet, or something equally as disgusting. A few other times, he goes outside. When we first moved here, I was in the bathtub and he went outside. A naked Deb scared for a child in the street is not a happy thing. Solution? LOCK HIM IN! So we do. If he comes out once, he gets locked in. It seems harsh, but I don't know what else to do. Solutions? Suggestions? HELP!

So, tonight is much like any other night. Bruiser came out of his room after I took him to the bathroom twice, gave him a drink, etc. When he came out on his own, he said he needed to go to the potty. We took him. There was no evidence of needing to go potty. Then, we locked the door. He began yelling. Nick goes up to see what's the matter (which I won't do. I think it promotes him to do it more) and Nick tells him:

Bruiser, stop yelling. You're going to hurt your throat.

Bruiser pauses. Thinks for a second. And then says:

My throat tells me I have to go potty.