Monday, June 28, 2010

Eviction Notice...

30 Day Eviction Notice!

**(I saw this on another blog and thought it was cute. I just had to share)

My Dearest Baby Boy,

Your current eviction date of July 28, 2010 (to the elation of your grandfather---being that it is his birthday and you are being named after him) has been set for the past 240 days. In the past few months, I understand that you have become extremely comfortable in your current dwelling. Unfortunately, I need to discuss some of the key points of your lease with you.

The 4:30am dance parties were not discussed in your lease, and they've been doing damage to the walls.

The blockage of a numerous amount of pipes and the leaking of others has to be put to an end!

Also, as far as adding square footage to the dwelling, we discussed a reasonable addition. You have surpassed that by much more than we discussed.

I have prepared another home for you to reside, so don't let house hunting be the reason you stay. Should your eviction date come and pass, please note that I will use forceful measures to remove you. I would like for this transition to be as painless and quick as possible. Please don't make this any harder than it has to be.


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

purebred, corn fed...

A while ago, we invited some good friends (the Frenzels...they have the son Miles that I've posted about before---Claire's boyfriend) to dinner. We had corn on the cob. Claire thought it was the best thing ever and asked for corn for the next few days. Sometimes I would try and give her frozen corn or corn from the can, but I think it was the novelty of the cob that really had her interested in it.

Anyway, we gave Miles some corn too. He refused to eat anything else. Or allow us to help him. He was content to just gnaw on this cob...We were laughing hysterically. We'll let you see why:

Saturday, June 19, 2010

a trip to grammies...

Nick's mom, Krista, had Claire two weeks ago. These are some of the more adorable pics she sent us of Claire's time there. It was hard for me to have her gone so long ( a whole WEEK!), but I know it was good for me and then she had so much love from others, how can you complete with that!?

Sabby's (Savvy's) shoes

chasing after Grammie!

Got her!

Found a bug!

Got it! But apparently she's never taken shooter safety courses. I'm sure her dad will set her straight as soon as he sees this pic! ;)


Nick's old rocking horse from G Grampa Dennis

Too cool!

tip toes---she always walks around on her toes...I guess I need to sign her up for ballet.

Listening to Ariel---The Little Mermaid

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

what daddies do with little girls...

The perfect place to change a diaper!

ohmigoodness, isn't she adorable! Nick still plays with her hair. I love that.

Claire wanted to be like Daddy. He even 'shaved' it off for her.

Monday, June 7, 2010

paddle boats...

It was harder than we thought to find things to do in a city as small as Boise. Nick and I usually take books with us that tell us about the city we're going to, but our library only had books on the state at large. Very little to do with downtown Boise. This was at a park next to the zoo.

We had a blast running into Krissy, Kiera and Katrina. Nick steered the ship (but only when Claire would let him) and had us find the most interesting predicaments. Giant carp---Clare saw this bright orange thing under the water and I thought, garbage! Yuck... Nope, it was a giant carp that eats the garbage! Claire was completely enamored.

She loved her life jacket. Was mad at me when I tried to take it off of her.

Emma, is that you?


Claire with penguins!

Katrina, Claire and Keira with penguins. I love how poised Keira is! ;)

riding a tiger baby! These were SO CLOSE to us! I'll bet there was (at times) less than a foot between us and a tiger that had shoulders as tall as I am! I forget to take pics of the animals, because I don't remember what to do with them! I prefer pics with people ;)

She didn't want to leave this! kept coming back. I love the different facial expressions.

Mir Cats: Katrina and Nick's forehead

Claire, Katrina, and Nick's forehead

Keria, Claire, Katrina and Nick's forehead

Nick was the hero father for this pic. At the end of the slide, just as he shot this pic, Claire started cartwheeling hazardously down the slide. Nick made a one armed save! all the parents around us cheered.

Keira showed Claire how to use her feet to slow herself down.
Wes to the left and Nick starting down the slide in pursuit of Kiera...

...almost caught her!

cute little hut. You can see Katrina's hands poking through to Claire's right.

A range rover, I don't know why we loved it.

Nick has terrible feet. The poor things are mainly bone and get tired out super fast! After walking around for 2 hours at the park, he decided to take a turn in the wagon. Krissy is pushing, Wes is to Nick's right, Keira to the left. This was one of the moments I realized how much we NEEDED a vacation. I haven't seen Nick be fun like this in....I don't know how long. Especially in public. Glad Claire and Monster #2 have a fun dad. Wait till you see the day at the park pics! I have to wait and get them from Krissy.

Nick, Kiera's eyeball, Claire and Katrina

the crazies...

I have had a few nervous break downs. All that crap with Claire and how it was never ending really REALLY was eating at me to the point that I was livid with everyone. from Kelli (who I haven't even spoken to---because she hasn't thought to speak to me! how silly is that!?) all the way to my Hubby (who I would get mad at if he looked at me funny) to myself (I know this is stupid to be so mad! Why am I so mad!? why can't I stop being so mad!?!?) and even to Claire at times (I spanked her! I don't believe in spanking!). I think being prego just added to it and I am still going through it, but my hubby took me on a much need vacation last weekend and then this weekend my mother in law stole Claire and took her to Colorado for a week. I'm trying to focus on being relaxed and letting things go.

Apparently I can't win the perfect mom/wife/woman/daughter/aunt/anything contest. Which I never entered, but gosh it would be nice to be that way!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

avoiding the boise trip...

We had a GREAT time in Boise for Memorial Day Weekend, but I don't have any of the pics, so I will avoid telling you about it until I do!

I received my results back from the glucose test a while ago, but didn't remember to tell you about them. Gratefully, I'm not diabetic, my thyroid is showing good progress but I'm ANEMIC! AGH! I was thinking I was so tired all the time because of all the stress. I have noticed that when my body is unusual in some way or another, it is usually for a reason that I ride off as normal. What are they trying to do to me? Make me a hypochondriac?!

Claire is doing well! I still 'see' rashes that appear and magically disappear the same day. I'm wondering if I just have an active imagination with them right now. Her biggest thing right now is actually that she will point at a joint and say, 'owie'. Most common this week is her hip. This makes me nervous, but I try to just roll with it for now.

We started potty training yesterday (again---after we were told to wait via doc's order's). Claire wants a sucker SO badly! She went to the store and picked out suckers and stickers for when she is successful on the potty. She received her first sticker for peeing (sort of) on the potty today! GO CLAIRE! She wants to try all the time so she can get her suckers. She still isn't telling me when she's going, like she has in the past, but I hope to bring that back out. She's a great kid, ya know that?