Saturday, June 19, 2010

a trip to grammies...

Nick's mom, Krista, had Claire two weeks ago. These are some of the more adorable pics she sent us of Claire's time there. It was hard for me to have her gone so long ( a whole WEEK!), but I know it was good for me and then she had so much love from others, how can you complete with that!?

Sabby's (Savvy's) shoes

chasing after Grammie!

Got her!

Found a bug!

Got it! But apparently she's never taken shooter safety courses. I'm sure her dad will set her straight as soon as he sees this pic! ;)


Nick's old rocking horse from G Grampa Dennis

Too cool!

tip toes---she always walks around on her toes...I guess I need to sign her up for ballet.

Listening to Ariel---The Little Mermaid


christine said...

Gosh, she's so big. Looks like she's having loads of fun.

I'm glad she's doing better.

Marissa said...

I loved all the pictures! Claire is gorgeous and it looks like you are having fun! Good luck with the last month of pregnancy and hopefully it will go quickly for you!

Lynz said...

That is wonderful you have someone you can leave her with for a week. She reminds me of someone I remember from a long time ago. ;0) So cute!