Thursday, May 27, 2010

boy names...

we are so taking ideas on boy names!

we like:

-single syllable names, but names we can shorten work too.
-non-exotic (no justineal-llo or shufunkwas)
-family names
-something that goes with Matthew being the first name, and him going by his middle name...but we're not opposed to other ideas as well.
-names with great meaning or after great men
-old school names (you know---like Claire is an old school name)

we don't like:

-names with a past ("i knew a kid with that name and he used to put boggers in my hair!"---we won't be using those ;)
-if someone in the family already has the name that is within two generations, we probably won't use it. ie---my FAV name is Daniel, but he has an Uncle Daniel.

Some ideas we have:

Matthew Gideon:
I love the idea my brother Tim had: Gideon is a family name, but they would call him Eon (Ian). I think that's AWESOME! Nick does not agree.

Matthew Jacob:
I love the name Jacob and call him Jake, but Nick doesn't like Jacob.

Matthew Taylor:
Nick loves Taylor, but I don't love that it is a unisex name and more popularly a girl name, right now.

Matthew Bradley:
Just not sold on it yet.

We are LOST! We have so many ideas, but none both of us agree on. Help us!


christine said...
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christine said...

Hi Cousin!

We have a Raymond Gideon and a Christopher Gideon in my family. Nobody uses the Gideon part at all, so my vote is for Matthew Gideon.


Catie McGee said...

If I was having a boy, I would be SO tempted to steal justineal-llo from you. I like the name Matthew Aaron, but then Aaron is kind of a gender neutral name...

Sorensen Home Base said...

Here are a few of our ideas:

Matthew Ryan

Matthew Luke (I think it's okay to have the same name when used for a different generation.)

Matthew William (Call him Will and your dad can be Bill)

Matthew Jeffrey

Matthew David (For Dave Miller)

Matthew Wesley

MarkyDsMom said...

I like Matthew Ryan also
My little brother's name was going to be Matthew Hunter so i like that also.
i really just like the name matthew but if ours is a boy we can't use it cause my husband has an uncle and a cousin with the name matthew. *SAD FACE*
good luck on the baby naming situation... we find out what we are having tuesday so unless its a girl we are in the same debate! :o)

Missy said...

So we're having dilemas coming up with a boy name as well... BUT Joey has completely vetoed Corbin - which was my favorite suggestion we got. Matthew Corbin? I dunno.

DNCMFAM said...

Matthew Joseph?? It's a family name on the Morris side... and I like it because it's Connor's middle name. Plus, you would have the option of the coolest nickname ever - MJ - lol! Keep us on the list - we love keeping updated on you guys and how you are doing!


Charlie said...

I love the name Gideon! I think it is a great Idea. I also thought long and hard and came up with a few suggestion of my own: Joshua, Henry, Caleb, Charles, Nathananiel (nathan), Joseph, Cole, James and Carson. Hope you are well, and can't wait to hear what you guys choose.

Mestebla said...

I tried talking Jay into the name Gabriel each time we had a boy and he vetoed it every time. Matthew Gabriel? I kinda like it. Also love the name Brigham (you could call him Brig). With Miles and Graham I went to the libraray and rented a baby name book and went through it and asked Jay about names I liked. It was kinda neat to see what they meant too. Good luck!