Monday, May 10, 2010


Here we go:

CRP: from 28.8 to 37.3 to...... 0.9 (supposed to be below 0.8)
ESR: from 106 to 94 to......... 42 (supposed to be between 1-9)
*Compliments: normal
WBC: from 25 to...... 14 (supposed to be 6-17)
*Hemoglobin: normal
*Platelets: 717,000 (supposed to be 450,000)
*Neutrophil: 41% (supposed to be 33%)

*First time they tested for this level---helps in evaluation for Still's Disease

Doc evaluation: Everything that would be suspect in Still's disease is/was high, but they think it has reacted faster to the drugs than they would have seen if it was Still's. The Platelets and Neutrophil rates are still suggesting that Still's is not completely ruled out yet. We are to watch her and make sure nothing flares back up as we take her off steroids completely. Still won't rule out pseudo blah blah serum sickness (can you tell how I really feel about this one? not that I want it to be Still's, but I can at least look that one up!)

The worrying mother's take:
Could these only be reacting faster to the drugs now? After the second course of drugs has run through her body? I still am lost on what half of this stuff means! Even after I badger the doc and look everything up!

My take:
Yeah, my baby is doing better! She is much more herself these days---but shy-er. I'll take what I can get.

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