Wednesday, August 29, 2012

text me...

I've lost all of my contacts from my phone. If you want me to have your number, please text me your name ;)

made it...

Everything has to finish with an "it".

Matthew now has an entire vocabulary that consists of:

Made it
Want it
Have it
Close it
Eat it

My favorite is, after saying his prayer, he no longer says "Amen". He says, "Made It".


The family was in the car, running late. We decided that McD's chicken nuggets and some free waters were essential. I gave a box of them to Claire who was to share them with Matthew when they cooled down. Nick and I started eating ours when they were hotter than the kids to handle, but soon, Claire was saying:

"They're not hot anymore, Mom!"

Deb: "Oh, good. Will you share some with Matthew?"

Claire: "Sure." She passes some to Matthew.

About 10 minutes later, it was clear that they were done. I took the box from Claire and looked to see how many they ate. There were about three left in there, but they were partially chewed and soggy.

Deb: "Did Matthew give you back some?"

Claire: "No."

Deb: "Oh, okay. Did you eat some and then decide you didn't want any?"

Claire: "No."

Deb: "Why are they all soggy?"

Claire: "I poured water on them because they were hot."

Deb: "Oh...."


Wednesday, August 8, 2012

When Claire takes matters into her own hands...

that's sunscreen

extra teachers...

Claire: Hi Mom! I love you.

Mom: Hi Claire. You are so crazy. I love you, too.

Claire: That's cause I'm from heaven.

I'm pretty sure she has had coaching on this phrase. This is how she answers almost everything right now.

uh hummmm....