Wednesday, August 29, 2012


The family was in the car, running late. We decided that McD's chicken nuggets and some free waters were essential. I gave a box of them to Claire who was to share them with Matthew when they cooled down. Nick and I started eating ours when they were hotter than the kids to handle, but soon, Claire was saying:

"They're not hot anymore, Mom!"

Deb: "Oh, good. Will you share some with Matthew?"

Claire: "Sure." She passes some to Matthew.

About 10 minutes later, it was clear that they were done. I took the box from Claire and looked to see how many they ate. There were about three left in there, but they were partially chewed and soggy.

Deb: "Did Matthew give you back some?"

Claire: "No."

Deb: "Oh, okay. Did you eat some and then decide you didn't want any?"

Claire: "No."

Deb: "Why are they all soggy?"

Claire: "I poured water on them because they were hot."

Deb: "Oh...."



L.Jo said...

Makes sense to me. :-)

Lauren said...

That's really cute.

Lora said...

I confess, I recoiled a little bit at the thought of water-sogged nuggets! But A for problem solving!