Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Ready, Dad?

Nick and Claire were sitting on the bed. Nick was sick and let a little...toot...out. Almost directly after, Claire let a little toot out herself. They both giggled together.

And then...

Claire looks up at Nick and says: Ready, Dad?

Nick: Ready for what, Bear?

Claire toots!

*this is where you giggle, too!

Claire has started Primary (LDS church version of Sunday School for kids) this year:
A few weeks ago, Claire's Primary teacher comes up to tell us all the crazy antics Claire has been doing. Apparently she's the funniest girl they have ever heard because they commonly come up to us after church to update us and tell us how hilarious she is.

In class, this week alone, Claire said the following things:

Sister Roxy? Do you enjoy your sleeves? 
(we've been discussing modesty. her role model is Aurora from Sleeping Beauty and her sleeves are always off her shoulders. Something that Claire tries to do daily. What kid uses "enjoy"?)

They went on a trip to the potty and they heard Claire:
Eew! Disgusting!

Sister Roxy: Everything alright, Claire? do you need some help in there?

Claire: No, my poo poo is just red and green.
In class they were discussing how to keep bodies healthy.

Claire: My daddy says it's good to toot. My momma don't like tooting. I like tooting. (tooting has been substituting to save my mother's ears. She doesn't like the f word version of toot)

OH MY GOODNESS! this kid is awesome...

At the last minute, they asked her to give the opening prayer in Sharing Time (where all the kids 3-12 meet to say a prayer, sing songs, have a short lesson...etc). I was playing the piano and I seriously had to work not to be hurt that I couldn't help her with her first time. Or even help prepare her with what to say...

The Primary President asked her if she needed any help.

Claire: No, I can do it mysssself.

She gets up to the podium and

whispers into the microphone...

"Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank you for this day,
Thank you for my Momma and Daddy,
Something I couldn't hear,

Name of Jesus Christ, Amen."

then she runs to Sister Roxy and gives her a HUGE hug.

It was too cute.

again, my kid is awesome.

Monday, January 23, 2012

pitcher's mound

Matthew is the ultimate pitcher for the 18 month old league. That kid is hilarious. When we play ball, he throws the ball like a pro and then waits for me to throw it back. He can't catch yet, so he usually has to chase the ball down, but then goes right back to his 'mound' to throw again. He's so stinkin adorable. I love my kiddos.

Claire is LYING! AGH!!!!! Advice? Anyone?

Sunday, January 8, 2012

any form of present will do...

So, maybe I'm the only one in the whole world who thought this was hilarious for so many different reasons, but I thought I'd share:

Does she really even understand what this does?