Monday, January 23, 2012

pitcher's mound

Matthew is the ultimate pitcher for the 18 month old league. That kid is hilarious. When we play ball, he throws the ball like a pro and then waits for me to throw it back. He can't catch yet, so he usually has to chase the ball down, but then goes right back to his 'mound' to throw again. He's so stinkin adorable. I love my kiddos.

Claire is LYING! AGH!!!!! Advice? Anyone?


Sunny said...

Porter has been in that stage and hits it again periodically. We always repeat how it is better to tell the truth. When I kow he is lying, I give him one chace to tell the truth and not get in trouble. If he still lies he gets in more trouble. If he tells the truth, he gets in less trouble. And we repeat that over every time. He is getting to where he gets it, but there are still some days when he insists "Gabe did it", even if I caught him in the act. So frustrating! I hope you find a great solution for her, and if you do, pass it along to me :)

Lora said...

I can so very much picture Matthew with his arm all wound up ready to throw the winning pitch! What a cutie.

Wish I knew of some clever solution to the lying thing. I just have no idea. Wishing you luck!

Marisa said...

We're dealing with this too, but Cam's been getting better at telling the truth, thank heaven. The best that I've been able to figure out is try not to get angry at them (because I figure they'll conceal more and lie more because they don't want the wrath of mom/dad.), but to firmly teach and tell them it's not okay. We've also been trying to find library books about telling the truth, scripture stories, and giving lots of praise when they do own up to something, talking about bad moments of lying after the heat of the moment, telling them what to do instead of lying. Good luck!