Wednesday, June 2, 2010

avoiding the boise trip...

We had a GREAT time in Boise for Memorial Day Weekend, but I don't have any of the pics, so I will avoid telling you about it until I do!

I received my results back from the glucose test a while ago, but didn't remember to tell you about them. Gratefully, I'm not diabetic, my thyroid is showing good progress but I'm ANEMIC! AGH! I was thinking I was so tired all the time because of all the stress. I have noticed that when my body is unusual in some way or another, it is usually for a reason that I ride off as normal. What are they trying to do to me? Make me a hypochondriac?!

Claire is doing well! I still 'see' rashes that appear and magically disappear the same day. I'm wondering if I just have an active imagination with them right now. Her biggest thing right now is actually that she will point at a joint and say, 'owie'. Most common this week is her hip. This makes me nervous, but I try to just roll with it for now.

We started potty training yesterday (again---after we were told to wait via doc's order's). Claire wants a sucker SO badly! She went to the store and picked out suckers and stickers for when she is successful on the potty. She received her first sticker for peeing (sort of) on the potty today! GO CLAIRE! She wants to try all the time so she can get her suckers. She still isn't telling me when she's going, like she has in the past, but I hope to bring that back out. She's a great kid, ya know that?

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