Monday, June 7, 2010


Claire with penguins!

Katrina, Claire and Keira with penguins. I love how poised Keira is! ;)

riding a tiger baby! These were SO CLOSE to us! I'll bet there was (at times) less than a foot between us and a tiger that had shoulders as tall as I am! I forget to take pics of the animals, because I don't remember what to do with them! I prefer pics with people ;)

She didn't want to leave this! kept coming back. I love the different facial expressions.

Mir Cats: Katrina and Nick's forehead

Claire, Katrina, and Nick's forehead

Keria, Claire, Katrina and Nick's forehead

Nick was the hero father for this pic. At the end of the slide, just as he shot this pic, Claire started cartwheeling hazardously down the slide. Nick made a one armed save! all the parents around us cheered.

Keira showed Claire how to use her feet to slow herself down.
Wes to the left and Nick starting down the slide in pursuit of Kiera...

...almost caught her!

cute little hut. You can see Katrina's hands poking through to Claire's right.

A range rover, I don't know why we loved it.

Nick has terrible feet. The poor things are mainly bone and get tired out super fast! After walking around for 2 hours at the park, he decided to take a turn in the wagon. Krissy is pushing, Wes is to Nick's right, Keira to the left. This was one of the moments I realized how much we NEEDED a vacation. I haven't seen Nick be fun like this in....I don't know how long. Especially in public. Glad Claire and Monster #2 have a fun dad. Wait till you see the day at the park pics! I have to wait and get them from Krissy.

Nick, Kiera's eyeball, Claire and Katrina

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bex said...

Oh my gosh! How fun that you got to see Wes and Krissy! How are they? Do they live in Boise?