Monday, June 7, 2010

paddle boats...

It was harder than we thought to find things to do in a city as small as Boise. Nick and I usually take books with us that tell us about the city we're going to, but our library only had books on the state at large. Very little to do with downtown Boise. This was at a park next to the zoo.

We had a blast running into Krissy, Kiera and Katrina. Nick steered the ship (but only when Claire would let him) and had us find the most interesting predicaments. Giant carp---Clare saw this bright orange thing under the water and I thought, garbage! Yuck... Nope, it was a giant carp that eats the garbage! Claire was completely enamored.

She loved her life jacket. Was mad at me when I tried to take it off of her.

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Missy said...

Your little family is so cute, Deb. I forget sometimes that you are not showing up on my reader anymore, but that does not mean that I don't love you. I totally get the privacy thing, obviously.