Monday, September 27, 2010


Well, Matthew has it...sigh

I've never heard such painful breathing/coughing.

On a happy note, check out Matthew saying cheese for the camera...

... just like how Nick taught Claire to say cheese.

Also: Grasshoppers

Claire has been seeing a lot of grasshoppers lately. At first she would just try to smoosh them, because that's what Dad taught her to do.

A little while ago she switched to saying: eat it? grasshopper? eat it?
Nick thinks this is from watching Lion King and seeing them eat all the bugs.

Now she applauds them:
On Saturday, I was mowing the lawn. Claire was following me around and yelling at the grasshoppers. Then, I notice she is waving her arms and yelling. I turn off the lawnmower to hear her saying, "yeah, grasshopper!" clap clap clap, waving arms in air, "you walking! good job, grasshopper! Walking grasshopper, yeah! good job!" clap clap clap

who's going to feed me?


Missy said...

I'm so sorry he has croup... That is always hard. :(

Charlie said...

Oh no I am sorry he has croup. I hope he gets better soon. Claire is so so cute I LOVE hearing stories about her.

Lynz said...

Croup is so sad. I hope he gets over it quickly and you all can get some restful sleep... and a calm, no sickness kind of winter.

TammeNBen said...

Love those cheeks! I just want to squish'em!

Lauren said...

Love the picture of Matthew in the high chair.