Monday, October 4, 2010

Evel Knievel...

Yesterday was the LDS Church's General Semi-Annual Conference (what a mouthful!) AKA stay at home church. I LOVE going to church in my pj's. Claire was very entertained by seeing the 'pophet'. She kept seeing 'follow da paphet, follow da paphet, don'tch you, follow the paphet, stray!"

In between the two Sunday sessions, I was making lunch and Claire and Daddy were playing "kick the ball up the stairs" (which is a lot harder than it looks). The game soon migrated into our bedroom with roaring, screaming and chasing. The ball was forgotten and Matthew was added instead. Nick would chase after Claire, carrying Matthew and landing him on her, so he was essentially jumping on her head, back, tummy, whatever. Claire would squeal with delight and keep going.

Soon, Nick was doing anything to make Claire laugh. At one point, Matthew was 'placed' upon Claire's car and took Evel Knievel dives while 'driving' said car.

It ended shortly thereafter to the sound of the phone.

Did I tell you that I adore my husband?


Bill said...

Matthew is so wonderful. What a handsome boy. Tell that Dad to be careful with Monster #2.


Marissa said...

Hopefully Matthew is feeling better! Croup is the worst! I also love stay at home church-what a wonderful weekend! :)

Lauren said...

We married pretty good guys. If Matthew is like Josh, he will continue to love the rough, pysical play with his daddy. I think its good for kids, both boys and girls.

Shayla said...