Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Matthew is such a tease. I was talking to Nick on the phone, laying on the couch, when Matthew crawls to the couch, stands up, walks along the couch and then creeps his little hands along and then grabs me and says, "boo boo!" like he was trying to scare me.

Claire: Daddy, why you tease me?
Nick: Because I'm a father, it's my job.

Claire: Why?
Claire: Why?
Claire: Why?
This child is in that stage. But instead of really wanting to know the answer, I feel as if she is just testing my knowledge. She asks me 'why' to questions she knows the answers to. I discovered this when she started to correct me to the answer that she thought was more probable. My new response is to ask her "why?" directly after she asks me and usually she will tell me the answer she wants it to be. In the cases that she doesn't know the answer, she makes it up. Something like:
Claire: Why are you checking your email?
Mom: Why?
Claire: makes you feel better.

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Charlie said...

She is so clever she must get that from her smart mom.