Monday, August 29, 2011


We were all laying on the bed after naps. Claire is rough housing with Nick. Nick grabs Claire and says:

Nick: I'm hungry. I need a sandwich! Bread, I need bread on the bottom.
*grabs a screaming, giggling Claire and throws her down on the bed*
Nick: How about some Mayo!
*covers Claire with nearest pillow*
Nick: And some blue cheese,
*adds a blue cased pillow*
Nick: And maybe some avocado,
*another pillow*
Nick: maybe some meat,
*another pillow*
Nick: and top it off with another piece of bread
*grabs Matthew and puts him on top*
Nick: This is such a big sandwich, I need to mass it down a bit so it'll fit in my mouth.
*smooshes kids, pillows and all, then proceeds to make eating noises while tickling kids to death*
Claire and Matthew: AH! AHHHHHHH!!! *laughter...the good kind*
*Nick lays back, sighs and pretends to sleep off his large meal. Matthew and Claire creepy crawl to jump on Dad*
Nick: yawn. Hmmmm...I'm getting hungry again. I need a double decker sandwich this time!
*throws a pillow on ME! then a claire (because she's the cheese with flowers on it), more pillows, a Matthew, another pillow and then himself.*

obviously there was no one left of eat the sandwich, so I pulled out from all the tickling and screaming.

Nick: oh no! We don't have bread on the bottom!
*he picks up the remaining 'sandwich' and turns it over entirely and then smashes it again.*

Can I tell you how awesome my husband is?


Lauren said...

That is awesome and made me smile.

Charlie said...

:) What a cute story.

Camille said...

I love it!

Hurst Family said...

What a fun Daddy & Husband :)

Shayla said...