Friday, August 12, 2011

Matthew's first birthday!

a shirt of frosting

seeing Claire's and wanting more...

It has taken me weeks to get these pics because they were on Ashley's (newest wife of a BIL, Greg) camera. She was going to email them and then it was too hard to send the file. Then I was going to upload the video of my adorable baby going after his cake with abandon, but it was too big and I'm not capable of cutting the footage. Besides, I think the only people who would watch it would be my family! And maybe only for the first 30 seconds. I digress...sigh.

This is from Matthew's birthday party a few weeks ago. We mostly just had a cake with some family around and let him make a mess. Claire kept trying to put her fingers in it and was finally put in time out because she couldn't leave it alone. Poor girl. I bet I would have had a hard time with a cake sitting in front of me and seeing Matthew making a mess (very little eating went on here) and not have tried some for myself. But you know me, I'm a particular mom. It wasn't her turn, so she had to sit in time out.

Matthew is a rolling 23 lbs, putting him in the 45th percentile for weight. He is 29 inches tall (5th percentile), which makes him the squat little boy that he is. His head is a circumfrence that I never remember other than it was in the 45 percentile, like his weight.

Claire is 60% for height AND weight (a shock for her mother).

cutest, sweetest boy. He loves his momma. Likes his daddy, but amazingly, the kid prefers his momma (I guess that's cool because Claire prefers her Daddy). Nick thinks it has something to do with the fact that I'm his walking milk jug, and will often call out to me "Ahn na! Ahn na!" when he's wanting for milk. While this is true, I hope that it's really because of my sparkling personality.

Matthew is not interested in sign language at all. AH! We're still working on it because I do not want a kid to whine to get what he wants.

-ropes (foreshadowing here, I'm sure)
-trucks, wheels
-HAIR (my hair is preferred, but he if he can reach Claires, it's a good substitute) to put in his mouth or pull really hard on
-SINGING! (can a mom be proud of this?!?) whether he's doing it or I am doing it matters very little to him.

He doesn't love:
-real food
-being told 'no' (too bad, kid. You cannot play with electrical cords!)
-holding still

-He can hold Claire down
-walk holding furniture or me
-has 4 teeth
-communicate with specific word babbles for specific needs (ahn na! for milk, doo doo doo for ball are the 2 that come to mind)

I love this kid. He's the best 'mistake' we made.


L.Jo said...

I can't believe he's a year old already!! Holy crap, time flies! But I always get it flipped - does 5th percentile mean he's really tall or really short?

deb sorensen said...

teeny weenie short

Sunny said...

He really is incredibly cute!

tawnya said...

I'm such a HUGE believer in sign language. I, too, was a "not going to whine" kind of mom. And, then, well, when he refused to talk until age THREE, it came in helpful then, too.

Lauren said...

Happy late birthday Matthew!

Missy said...

I'm going with your sparkly personality because face it, you pretty much rock. Happy birthday little man!!!

Adam and Shari Crawford said...

SO cute! I love how into the cake he got :)

TammeNBen said...

He is a keeper that's for sure! Happy Birthday Matthew!