Friday, October 10, 2008

Happy Anniversary #4

This year went as such...Well, the important parts: I scheduled a night out for last Friday as a surprise to Nick. My good friend (whose prego and forgets things in her newly found state of mind---I call it placenta brain), let it slip to Nick the day before we were supposed to go. Then my babysitter called to cancel and I was so bugged! Well, maybe not so bad---I hate being away from Claire for even a few hours, the dread of a nursing mother aside. when she's asleep, I long for her to wake up and while I could use a bit of a break every now and then, I get to that moment and dread leaving. Am I crazy?
So, we opted to just go out the following week on our actual anniversary and save the money we would have spent on the babysitter and dinner out.
On our anniversary, nick took me to my fav local italian resuraunt and then to a string quartet concert afterwards...a very 'me' evening. I felt very spoiled. My bishop was there with his wife and bored to tears. he and nick kept exchanging glances. Nick is so good to put up with what I enjoy.



theferrisoneofall said...

Wow! Is it really 4 years already? Congrats. We love you two. I am sure glad you had a fun evening.

PS. I started a blog. - not much but there are pics of the kiddos! :)

theferrisoneofall said...

Actually we love you THREE!

Shayla said...

Happy Anniversary!!! (a day late) I can't believe it's been four WEIRD. :)