Friday, October 10, 2008

Important October dates

Oct. 4-Amy's bday
Oct. 9-Nick and deb's anniversary
Oct. 10-Lies' bday
Oct. 12-Emma's bday
Oct. 23-Tamme's bday
Oct. 27-Ben and Tamme's anniversary
Oct. 30-Tim and Jill's sealing

We have Cristi and Kathy's bdays here too, I just don't remember which days.

TODAY IS LIES's BDAY! I just had to tell my sister how much I love her. I will never forget the days of her getting me down in the living room in the Grandview house. She would sit on my chest and pin my arms under me all the while tickling me (which I had a hate/love relationship with because I loved the attention and hated the tickeling) and then she would make me declare her Queen and THEN declare myself as her lowly peasant. To this day, she still calls me "Zant" for short. I love you, Sis. Hope you will do that with Claire.

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James and Kira McMillan said...

So I was reading back a ways in your blog and came across this little funny one. I started laughing my head off because I have such a clear memory if this happening to you. I totally remember her doing this to you. Good times!