Monday, October 13, 2008


Claire is so cute in the bathtub. She splishes and splashes! We have struggled finding a good bathtub for her because the one she has, she can scoot her tush right over the top of it and then she is free floating in that tub. Here is one of my fav videos of her in the tub-splashing...this is before she learned what we call the "bump game".

This is another 'tub' we tried. It's just a Bumbo(r) that helps her sit up before she is actually capible of it on her own. We stuck it in the bathtub, but the water would only get so high before it would start to float---making it super dangerous. It makes me giggle, all the same.


Farrell Family said...

Hey Deb. It's Sarah Hiatt. I just saw your blog on Shayla's and thought I'd say hi. It sounds like you guys are doing good. Your little girl is adorable.
I had to laugh at the bumbo in the bath. I have a 5 month old and we've been thinking about trying that. One thing that we've used with both of our kids is an inflatable bath. It sits inside your bathtub and works great. They can lay or sit and they don't slip all over the place because it's plastic/rubber...not sure what it's called. :) It also uses a lot less water. It can be kind of bulky but it has a suction cup on the bottom so we just hang it on the wall at the end of the shower. Anyway, you can get them at Target or WalMart for $10. Good luck!
Sorry that was SO long.
Feel free to check out our blog I'd love to keep in touch.

Shayla said...

haha! Whatever that Bumbo is CRACKS ME UP!!!

Marissa said...

I love bath time! She is so cute in her little seat! Next time I see you (which needs to be soon, btw) I will have to tell you a funny story about those chairs!