Monday, October 13, 2008

attempting to giggle...

Daddy has been so amazing with Claire-bear. She has had a hard time sleeping the past couple of nights...needless to say, that means I have also had a hard time sleeping. Yesterday I woke up from a nap to hear Daddy taking care of Claire. He decided to interview her. This is part of it.
Earlier this week, we recorded this. Nick has found that Claire's collarbone is ticklish. We have been trying to record her giggling for a few weeks, but most of the time if we stick a camera right by her, her attention tunes into the camera and not giggling. Nick had her giggling a TON right before this was taken and I tried to stay out of the way so she wouldn't realize there was a camera. Unfortunately, I think she was done 'showing off' by this point. It's still cute, though.

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Marissa said...

She is so stinkin' cute! I love babies cute laughs! Sydney is in a "fake" laugh stage where she hams it up a good 10-15 seconds after everyone else is done chuckling, just because she knows we will start laughing again!