Wednesday, July 7, 2010

pee pee...

Claire was picking me up from work on Friday (with Nick). She was adorable, and kind of a pain in the neck (what kid isn't). She decided that she HAD to run up the hall (pretty long hall) so she said, "Run, run?" No one was there, I work after hours, so I said, "okay! run!" She took off down the hall. Stopped for a second, said "uh-oh." and then started running again. She didn't want to come back, but as soon as I started counting, she turned around and starting running back to me. Again, she stopped, said 'uh-oh" and her diaper totally FELL OFF! It was stuck to just one of her legs and she was, half running, half shaking the leg to get the whole thing to let her loose. It was a scream.

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