Tuesday, July 13, 2010

potty update...

I don't know if I'll ever get this right, but I'm sure trying. Claire will go to the potty, only if I tell her she's going. I think this told her brain that she doesn't have to tell me/herself when she needs to go because I get her to go whenever I do (as a 37 week prego woman, that is plenty!). Anyway, I don't think she's learned to feel the 'urge'. I've started asking her if she wants to go potty, and she ALWAYS says 'no'. I don't think I want potty training to become a traumatic event for her, but I am loosing my patience! I gotta back away...again! AGH!

On a happier note, she did tell me "potty" in the middle of breakfast. She headed straight for her room to play with toys (or something) when I got her down. I redirected her and she went potty! YEAH! Small success....sigh

Silly note: I try to leave her without a diaper so she'll 'feel' when she needs to potty. it has worked two or three times.

I got her out of the shower today (she likes the 'sprinklerrr' of a shower instead of a bath now), and put a towel on her and she ran around with her cute purple hippo hooded towel on trying to ride her little car. I called her the purple-hooded-bandit because she was trying to be mischievous about getting her car outside!

Prego note:

This kid is causing contractions like crazy! Last Sunday, we thought he was going to come and headed to the hospital. The contractions were about every 1 1/2 minutes, but nothing else was progressing fast enough---which is good, he would have been considered a preemie. This Sunday, I thought we would end up going again because the contractions kept me up all night long. Nope. We rode out the pain and they went away on thier own.

Yesterday, I was walking down Old Main Hill from work (about 125 steep steps) to meet up with Nick and Claire to go home. The sprinklers were running on different parts of the hill and I didn't think about it much, just avoid the water kind of thoughts. Well, the steps about half way down were covered in quite a lot of water. I slipped and fell pretty hard. Gashed up my legs pretty badly and went down about seven steps before I stopped. I've had contractions ever since and feel like I'm wetting my panties all the time! Not sure if it's that or leaking amniotic fluid. Doing tests per the doc to find out right now. We are all fine though. Every time Claire sees my owies, she kisses them better and says "sowwy, Momma." We're just fine, just wanted to note this for posterity! I love my kid. She is so gentle hearted.


Sorensen Home Base said...

We hope you are okay Deb! I know you'll keep us posted but always know we love you and are thinking of you.

Charlie said...

That fall sounds terrible I am so sorry. Old main is really a beast. I'm thinking of you.

PS Good luck with the potty training. :)

Lauren said...

Good luck with the potty training. Hopefully you won't have to deal with two in diapers for very long.