Wednesday, July 21, 2010

fing? fing?

My momma bought us this swing that we really wanted. Last time we just borrowed one from our friend, who borrowed it from a friend. We used it for like six months, so we were glad to get one. It came in the mail yesterday. Claire was so excited! She calls swings, 'fings'. I guess that blend of letters is just a little hard for her. te he

Anyway, we opened it up and put it together---a nice little 2 hour project, no big deal with a 2 year old around...It probably would have been faster, but the screwdriver kept disappearing and reappearing in strange places. I would be using it and then Claire would ask for help with something and I'd take it with me to the potty, or wherever it was she needed help, and then when returning to my task, forget where I put it. Placenta brain.

I finally finished with it when she was down for a nap. I didn't make a big production of it to her. Just put it in a corner. But when she found it, I wasn't there. I did hear "fing? Fing? help?"

She didn't wait for me or Nick...

I also love her outfit. Some coworker of Nick's (a girl named Mallory) decided that Claire needed a birthday gift. Overly thoughtful of her. It's a Princess Arora costume with a crown, shoes, top, skirt and purse. talk about pink. thank goodness no one will gift Monster #2 with pink (although I would not be surprised to receive something pink for him just because everyone thinks its so funny that I don't like it!).


Charlie said...

Cute girl glad she got a fing. I promise I won't give monster 2 anything pink. :)

Lauren said...

She is so cute in that swing. I'll hope Josh won't try something like that because tank-boy will break baby stuff for sure.