Monday, July 19, 2010

BOM camp...

Nick went to Youth Conference in our stake (he's in the YM presidency). It was three days of reenacting the BOM. The kids were all supposed to have read it through before they came. Nick played a priest in the court of King Noah. He even had to say a line! Obviously, he loved that. But besides that, he really did enjoy it. They had great speakers, great kids and went through the whole BOM, even with a earth shattering midnight on their last night to represent Christ's crucifixion in the Americas. He came home with a sword that he had to battle with during the Alma chapters.

Deb is so anxious to get this kid out of her! Contractions are called "useless pain" by a SIL when they do nothing to further things along but still cause pain and sleepless nights. I have thought that we were ready to have this kid four times now. The first time, we went to the hospital with minute and a half apart contractions and were sent home (35 weeks) because nothing else was happening. $400 dollars to basically check my progress is so not worth it, so deb has made a goal: only going in if the water breaks. Thought we were close three other times, but after HOURS of painful contractions, they would go away for a few days before returning with a vengeance. He'll come when he's ready, despite my efforts of mowing lawns and taking long walks. I need to be more patient. Especially cause when he does come, I might be wishing for peace and quiet. ;)

such a super star! She is still whining and doesn't listen as well as she did a month ago, but ohmigoodness is she the cutest thing in the whole world. Her vocabulary is astounding (to the bias mother, of course!). She asked to speak with her dad on the phone this morning when he called. I had just put yogurt in front of her and she said to her dad, "Hi Dad! I blue spoon! Yogurt aldiging ha so eat. Yeah... High chair." Then she hands the phone to me and says, "More yogurt weease?" I love that kid.

We went to Grandma Rosi and Grampa Bill's house while Nick was at camp. She asked to go to Emma's house (her cousin) every day about 50 times. Her cousins came and had a sleepover with us and slept in the big family room in the basement. Claire saw Emma, Ty and Quincey's sleeping bag and knew right what to do. She curled up in Quincey's sleeping bag and refused (more on that later) to get out. I didn't think she could handle sleeping with all those cousins without staying up late so I wasn't going to let her stay until I saw she was practically asleep already. I made her her own sleeping bag out of blankets and she got right in and fell asleep with a little of my prompting and a little reminder from Emma to lie down. It was the cutest picture when I would get up to pee in the night and see all the cousins sleeping together. At one point, Quincey had rolled right over the top of Emma and they both stayed asleep.

Claire is really starting to be able to share. Not willingly at first, but she's learning. If you tell her it's Emma's turn, she give it right over to Emma and then wait (for about 30 seconds) till she can have it back. She sometimes will give it to the person she's to be sharing it with and then stomp her feet (well, stomp her ballerina toes---she still never walks flat footed. you should see her calves!) and yell "uhhhhh uhhhhh uhhhhh uhhhhh uhhhh!" because she didn't really want to share, but she did because Momma asked her too. This is exactly what happened when I asked her to let Quincey have her sleeping bag back. She knows she's supposed to share, and she will, but it is not always with positive enthusiasm. All of her kookiness makes her that more endearing. I couldn't have asked for a better kid. I'm so grateful.


Lauren said...

Good to see that your family is doing well. Claire is such a cute little girl!

Missy said...

I think that Claire and Will would be good friends. I hope you're doing well, honey. I know that last stretch is hard (I mean I really do know!) Hang in there and I'll keep you in my prayers!
He's going to be a handsome man, I can already tell.

TammeNBen said...

Ahh...useless pain. Got to love it! We are praying he makes a speedily arrival. Hope you don't have too many more days to wait.