Wednesday, July 7, 2010

"how old are you?":

For a few days, Claire has been able to answer "2!" whenever we ask her age. But, sometimes she gets the question confused with "what's your name?" and will answer with "Claire Sore-sen" when she should have said "2!" Pretty adorable.

Anyway, yesterday was her birthday. we have pics coming from Nick, but I'll start out without them.

Friday July 2, 2010
Claire, Dad and Mom went and had a picnic in a parkish area and watched fireworks. Claire was up til 12pm! Ouch!

nothing special

Almost had a baby brother! Claire keeps asking about "Mat-thew" and kissing and touching my belly. She's such a sweetheart. I hope she won't be too upset when she has to share the attention.

Claire, Mom and Dad when to the Hyrum Parade. It was about 2 HOURS long. Claire was plastered with fliers, candy, a helium balloon (red, if you're wondering), water from water guns and Popsicle. She loved it.

She went home to take a reluctant nap that Daddy had to actually wake her up from so that we could go to her BBQ. Was a little fussier than we would have prefered. but, once the other kids got there, she was swinging on a robe swing, playing in the dirt (including throwing dirt in her friend Rayliegh's hair and Ray threw it back at her and they giggled a ton), eating hot dogs, chips, corn on the cob and about 2 bites of birthday cake. Must be a true Sorensen not to like birthday cake!

Then the kids all played with sparklers (with adult supervision) and went home.

Claire, Daddy, Momma and one of the families that was at the party, went with us: the Pabists, to Hyrum to watch a firework display. I have a feeling Claire will be asking for fireworks for a few more months. Great day and celebration.

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Lauren said...

Glad you had such a good weekend! Claire's face with the cake is too cute.