Wednesday, November 30, 2011

what goes in, must come out...

Bill had another stroke. So, while we were at the hospital Claire...well...this can be funny if seen in the right light. So, let's do it right:

Claire, Nick, Matthew and I went down to visit Bill (my father) in the hospital after this stroke happened. It was this past Sunday. Claire asks if she can take off this necklace that Grammie Krista gave her. 

Me: Ummmm...I don't know, Bear. You tend to put whatever you can in your mouth for reasons I don't understand. Will you keep it out of your mouth.

My Trained Monkey of A Daughter: Yes, Momma.

Me: Okay.

Matthew gets a stinky bum, and we left the diaper bag in the car. Nick and Claire go down to get it. Nick hears Claire coughing/choking. 

Nick: Bear, you okay?

Claire: cough cough, I swallowed my necklace. cough cough cough

Nick looks in Claire's mouth and sure enough, the necklace is gone. She gets spoken to sternly, I'm sure, I wasn't there. I was told after the fact. And then the two proceed back up to Grampa Bill's room. Claire stops.

Claire: Daddy? 

Nick stops and looks at her.

My THREE year old says: Don't tell Momma, okay Daddy?

Obviously it was the first thing he said when he got up to the room! We died. Seriously. Then Gramma Rosi turns to us and says

Gramma Rosi: Should you call your pediatrician?

Me: uhhhh...?

Rosi: I should just pop around the corner and ask Grampa Bill's nurse.

She returns while I am telling Claire that she promised not to put things in her mouth and then did exactly what I was afraid of...

Rosi: Yes, you should call your doctor. Just to make sure.

So, this is getting longer and longer. Basically, because the necklace was 10 inches long, the doc wanted us to get an xray after it passed through most of her body...just to make sure. The next morning we took her in, got an xray and found that is was clumped in a little ball and very close to being on its way out. She was fine. 

Is it bad that I almost hoped that it was something that would scare her JUST A BIT to help her remember how bad it is to put things in her mouth? That's awful though, right? Especially because I try so hard to not make her scared of the doctor. Hmmmm...sigh...grrrr...


TammeNBen said...

Glad she is okay, but it is funny that she told Nick not to tell you. In our house it would be my kids telling me not to tell dad.

Sadee is not allowed to have chips, except for Cheetos. She is always choking on them.

Hurst Family said...

Oh man. Lost of love needed it sounds like. Hope everything comes out alright if ya know what I mean....

at least you blogged it--- not like you'd forget---but it's a nice reminder of the things you survive right?

Sunny said...

What a week. Wish we were seeing you tonight. :( Hugs

Charlie said...

I just laughed out loud. She actually swallowed her whole necklace? Wow! I'm sorry she had to get an x-ray though.

I also wanted to say I'm really sorry to hear your father had another stroke. I will say a prayer for him.

Missy said...

K first off, your poor parents! I'm so sorry, Debs.
2nd, I snorted out loud over claire's antics. She is amazing. I can't even fathom how she did that. You make me laugh!