Saturday, November 5, 2011


My friend, Regina, had me watch her kids one morning and as she was leaving, she picked up Matthew, said, "You are such a bulldog." and put him down.

I nearly died! What an apt description of the little monkey. It totally makes me wanna change his nickname. It's not only that he has the personality described by that title: he pushes through anything, he is obstinate as a...Well, he's obstinate...and then there is the crawling factor. That kid puts his little arms kind of to the sides and waddles his little hind parts to resemble the best bulldog around.
My favorite is that when he's in the mood to wrestle, his form of 'tackling' is to crawl up till his practically sitting on you, then just lay. Making it absolutely impossible to ignore the kid. 

His breathing might even resemble a bulldog because it's so audible. This kid is awesome. 

Not so happy news: he's bleeding out his ears with disgusting pus and nose and eyeball drippings. Poor kid. Doc thinks it's another sinus infection (which is supposed to not be possible because kids don't have any sinuses developed yet). He went in for a blood test on Friday. I am very interested in what the Doc decided to test for...

He's signing! Not even just a little bit. He'll do complete sentences. 
"Milk, please, Momma"
"More, please, Daddy"
"Thank you, Daddy"
"No thank you"
"All done!"


Charlie said...

Your little man-cub sounds adorable I love the way you describe him. I can't believe he is signing sentences how cool! I'm sorry to hear he isn't feeling well though it must be difficult for both of you. I will add him into my prayers tonight.

Hurst Family said...

Little Bulldog Monster is adorable! And I love when he signs. Melts my little heart. Maybe I need to be better about signing with Charlie. Dropped the ball with Landon but it helped Ian a lot when he was little. It was MARVELOUS to see you this weekend. Love you much. May you have the strength you need to love much today.