Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving II

1. I am thankful for my amazing children. The more I watch, the more I care. I can't help it. They are positively amazing! Claire is totally PRE READING! And she loves it. She asks to do practice multiple times a day. Matthew is a total flirt. He can't help but liven everyone around him with a smile. And the way he attacks popcorn is something to be seen.

2. Aggies! WA-freakin'-hoooo! We went to the football game in the freezing cold this afternoon. It was awesome. Matthew was an ANGEL! He literally watched the game the entire time. And when he wasn't, he was flirting with the cute girls behind him. Claire was pretty whiny, but she was fairly okay through the whole thing. I was never ever a sports person unless my awesome brothers were playing, but I can't not watch this team. I'm sad if I have other obligations. And if we can't get free tickets, we watch it online! I can hardly believe this! I love it. I love the Aggies! They rock!

3. The Sorensen Family. They almost all came over for this Thanksgiving. It was awesome to spend so much time with them. Matt took us to see "Real Steel", which I totally recommend. Although I had a very hard time with the total destruction parts of this movie, but I really did love it. We ate fabulous food that we spent two days making. We had lots of fun playing games, going out as girls, playing with the kids, Black Friday watching---that turned into buying! ha ha ha!...etc. So glad they came. We love them. Thanks, guys.

4. This country. Glad we live here. Glad for our jobs. Glad for our security. Glad for our home. Glad for our ability to make changes. Glad to eat lots of food. Wish for a few changes, but who doesn't!?!

5. Heavenly Father...For allowing all of the previous. and more.

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