Friday, November 4, 2011


Deb: Claire, will you set the table?
Claire: Sure, Momma.
I hand her four plates. One for Claire, one for Momma, one for Daddy and one for the French Toast to sit on in the center of the table. Though, i didn't bother explaining this to her...Claire sets all four plates in thier prospective places, in front of each chair at the table. I didn't bother telling her because it didn't matter.
 Deb: Why don't you get 1 knife for Daddy, and forks...
Claire interupts: and a spoon for Brother.
Deb: Great. thanks.
Claire gets out 1 spoon, one knife and four forks. Again, I didn't bother correcting her because it didn't matter and also, I doubted she knew she had too many and would put it on the table to get dirty. She places the silverware in a pile on the counter so she doesn't have to hold them all at once. I secretly take one fork and put it back. 5 seconds later, I'm still making dinner...
Claire: Hey! Where's my other fork?
drat! She noticed.
Deb: do you need another one?
claire nods.
Deb: okay, here you go.
She finishes by putting it by the extra plate.

 If you didn't catch it, my daughter counted. Not only did she count the forks, but she counted the plates to know how many forks to get. I'm sorry if this seems simple to you. This is amazing. She is asking herself questions, drawing conclusions and getting it right! My daughter is SMART! This is six year old material, this. If your kid can do it too at this age, or any age before six, make sure you're praising that kid up and down.


tawnya said...

Yay! Claire!

(is that really 6 year old stuff?)

TammeNBen said...

It amazing how smart they are. She sure a cute cookie!

Lauren said...

That IS amazing! Great job to you for recognizing and praising it.

Charlie said...

She sure is a smart little girl, it must be in the genes or somehting. :)