Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Well, most of you know that I am not a lover of pink! I do want to point out, however, that my husband is and thinks our girl should love it too. Plus, how many times you mention to people that you don't like pink doesn't matter because they then hear you are having a girl and then they inevidably buy you pink anyway, thinking that somehow your pink disdain desolved when you discovered that you were having that girl. It's actually one of the main reasons I wanted a boy first. Then I wouldn't have to take so much flack about recieving pink when I decidedly don't like it! No, really! I don't like pink.
Okay, what really happened is this: Everyone keeps being SO generous and thoughtful. They like the pink, so I should too. I had a neighbor decide to give me a garbage bag full of girl clothes (she's done having kids). They were free and they were all pink. so, what do you do? You dress her in pink, (yuck) and deal with it.
It's actually really funny. And I really do recieve a lot of flack about it. My in-laws bought me a pink Barbie doll for Christmas last year just to tease me about how much pink I would be recieving. I'm still appalled, but it is currently under my bed, waiting for some new lost soul to pass it on to. Everyone can like pink and a lot of people do look good in it, and even some cominations of pink (pink and brown is really cute) I like, but for all points of humor, I don't like it. te he.


Shayla said...

hahaha that's funny. :) I'm tagging you on my blog so look out for it.

Shayla said...

Tagging means you copy that onto your blog and put YOUR favorite things so everyone can learn about you too. :)

Mark and Krystine Martin said...

haha funny story! The only thing we painted pink was Brookie's room. I dont really like pink either, but Brookie loves it! Your little miss will like pink as well :)
To answer your other question her full name is Brooklynn Paige Jacob
Jacob was my late husbands last name. Mark plans to adopt her legally then it will obviously change to Martin.