Thursday, September 18, 2008

Our First Family Picture

I have finally gotten around to doing one of these. I'm sure most of you are saying it is about time. Sorry about that. So, down to business.
Currently: Nick and I have been married for almost four years (10.9.2004). We were blessed with our new baby girl: Claire Nichole Sorensen on July 6, 2008. She was 7lbs 6oz, 21 inches long. She had a rough start, she had to stay at the hospital to be treated for pnemonia, but she made a quick and healthy recovery and we were so greatful to bring her home the following Friday after she was born. She has already met all of her grandparents, great grandparents, her great-great grandparents, all of her aunts and uncles and cousins (except for Ben's family---we miss you, you Texans!), including a quick goodbye to an uncle who decided to serve an LDS mission in New York! Deb has NO problem visiting there, though I don't know if we would see a lot of the missionary (not that we are allowed), but you know...any excuse to get to NYC.
Everyone already knows that this little girl is going to be a Daddy's Girl. She is an angel. She squacks and coos all day long (when she's awake---and sometimes when she is not!). Sometimes I'll wake up and find Daddy (who is supposed to be heading to work) 'talking' to his girl. He loves his girl and you can see it when you see the two of them together. It has become even more endearing since she started to smile and talk back to him.
Claire-bear loves her bath! I have a video that I will put on this blog---once I figure out how to do it. She has a million little nick-names and one of them is "Froggy" because she kicks her little legs so much. One uncle (Daniel---the missionary), mentioned that when she kicks her one leg, it looks like she is trying to start a motorcycle. Vaaaaa-roooom!
Grampa Sorensen was the first to get her to smile. He dotes on her almost as much as her daddy. You better believe that she is already spoiled rotten. 'Gamma' Sorensen has taken it upon herself to see that she already has enough diapers for her entire childhood. Aunt Marlies has made sure to clothe her till she is 45. I could list all the generousity that has been given, but I would have no time to write about Claire, so I'll stop there. Needless to say, family and friends are in abundance and we are so grateful for all of them.
Well, I think this is a good start. More later.


Marisa said...

Yay! I hope you'll put more pictures up! It has been FOREVER since I've seen you all! And yay for new babies!

Megan said...

It's about time you got with the program and started a blog! Claire is super cute.

TammeNBen said...

Happy day! Finally some one else from the Mathews clan has a blog! I am so excited and promptly added you to mine. Claire is just adorable! Give her kisses from us.

Marissa said...

Claire is so beautiful! I am glad to hear that you are doing well. We have a blog- so keep in touch! Good luck with Claire, I know you will be the cutest Mommy!

Shayla said...

YAY for you having a blog so I can stalk you!!!