Wednesday, September 24, 2008


It is crazy to me to think that something else has to look like a scrapbook, which is all well and good, but now I can't settle for the basic, I have to have the complicated, ornate, rediculous version because I can't seem to be thought of as doing something simply. What is wrong with me anyway?
Naw, I think I have finally figured it out a bit (thanks to David). And it is a lot easier than I first invisioned.
Nick, Claire and I went to a lunch that his work hosted for Claire, through me, which was really for him. I recieved ooddles of complements on how wonderful Nick is while all the women there sat and ooggled at Claire, wanted to hold her and smile with her. It was really awesome to know he is working for such great people. Although I hate presents (what do you say when someone asks what you matter who you are and if you need 300 things, I'll bet more often than not, you say "Oh, I think we have what we need, but thank you for asking."), it was a good time. Claire was an angel, she giggled and cooed for all of the ladies to see. My little girl is the best! And while I'm braggin, I might as well admit my husband is too.


TammeNBen said...

Its always fun and SO easy to brag about our kids and hubby's! I'll have you know, you're pretty awesome too. I absolutely love the picture of Rosi and Claire! She looks like she is head over heels for Claire. (As my mom told me, its a little different when its your own daughter pregnant)

Shayla said...

your new background is cute!! I'll get with you on how to do things if you want :)