Friday, September 26, 2008


So, I was reading my brother-in-law's (Daniel) email to the family and I decided that my mother-in-law has to be freakin' out right now. The first paragraph consisted of what his area is like. He proceded to describe a street in the City that has a mosaic on it with a list of some 50 odd people on it that are all people who died on that street in recent history. Then he said not to worry because not only is God looking out for them (good, good), but a few gangs too, apparently. While this makes me laugh my head off and worry slightly, I can imagine my dear mother-in-law wondering where she sent her son to.
My neighbor is in charge of the ward party tonight. I was incharge of purchasing a tub of frosting (seriously like one of those 50 lbs canisters of flour---who can go through that much frosting!). Yuck. Literally a tub of lard.
We have so many dogs in the neighborhood that I'm ready to pull out Nick's twenty-two. They NEVER shut up! Three in the morning and one starts and then the other 23 (I've counted) join in. Owners of pests, I mean pets, beware! It is not okay to let your dogs bark for so long that the others in the neighborhood join in and wake up the babies! AGH!
My sister-in-law is the best writer I have seen in a while. She is so good at putting her voice into her writing. Every last thing she writes makes me openly laugh---and I can't help it! She is so funny! I won't advertise her for fear of making her nervous or embarrassed, but I am always reading her blog just to see what she will come up with next. My favorites are conversations with her children.
Nick is taking this class in business owning and starting up and he had to make a list of 24 different business startup ideas. All very interesting---some I hope to see come to fruitation.


Marissa said...

Seriously, I agree with you on the dog thing! I hate it when the whole neighborhood gets going. We have a dog, but he sleeps inside at night, so I don't have to worry about it!

Shayla said...

hey! So here's the quick run down of how to get pictures on the side of your blog, and also how to get your words not to overlap on the border. If you go to pick a new template in the custumize setting, then pick the very first one (it's white). That won't change your background from the one you got from the cutest blog on the block, it will just change the format so it should all fit in your border. Then to get the pictures on the side, under layout there will be a place where you can add a gadget. Click on that. Then there will be an option for pictures. By adding pictures into there, those will be the ones that stay in place when the others of yours move with your posts. :) Good luck! Let me know if you have more questions. :) Miss you!

Mark and Krystine Martin said...

Hi! This is Krys, Mark's wife. I was looking at your pictures of your new little baby. She is so Precious and Sweet!! Babies are such a blessing and will bring such joy to your lives! Congrats!
OH, I added you guys to our blogger buddies!