Tuesday, March 3, 2009


She rolls and rolls, and ROLLS, everywhere! I've read a few books that tell me that now is the time to put her in a playpen for play time because then I can contain her from getting into everything. then to slowly make that area bigger that she's allowed to play in. Moms? What do you think? Is that silly? Is it just delaying the inevitable?

LOVE MY KID! She has really started signing for herself, not just in anticipation of what I'm signing to her. She can only do 'milk' right now, but I tell you it's so darn cute! She's going to be one in like 5 months! I'M NOT READY!

She gets 'punch drunk' when she's tired and laughs at everything. I love to see that girl smile. Good thing I get to keep her.

Going to Colorado next week to visit Grammie and Grampa Sorensen. It's so great to know that she is loved by so many people.


Missy said...

"Punch Drunk"... I love it!!! How cute is that?
Okay you asked about the collages: Picasa! You have to download the software but it's free and very user-friendly. http://picasaweb.google.com/home
The girls are Joey's nieces, and I love them. You are wonderful too, Deb. :)

TammeNBen said...

I have never done that....maybe thats whats wrong with my kids.

Mestebla said...

I dunno... sounds like it would be hard to expand the area, but if you have ideas of how to do that, then go for it. It certainly won't hurt anything.

I've usually just let my kids explore and make my house baby safe. Yeah, they make messes and get into stuff, but that's just part of being a kid, I think. Part of being a mom is cleaning that up AND teaching them to clean it up themselves when they get older. (Gee, do I have an opinion about everything or what?)

mvhschoirfamily.com said...

I love to read about Claire. She is a beauty. Have you been getting my comments?