Friday, March 27, 2009

first tooth...

My baby is almost nine months and she just cut her first

yesterday (look super close...just barely above the surface, below the bubble). I had a feeling it was coming, but I thought the fussy-ness was coming from her being sick (she has a bad cough and a fever). But I guess a lot of it had to do with the tooth, I hope.
(can't really see the tooth in this pic, but i love the look she's giving us).
Mothers: When did your babies cut their first tooth?

She so CUTE!
she has this new face that she keeps doing. She'll be sitting up, clapping her hands and then make this "oh" face. I need to take a picture of it.


Missy said...

Will cut his first two teeth at 9 months give a week or so. Sam cut at 6 months. Both kids waited for Grandma Glenda to have her all to themselves so they could unleash thier terrible fury on her. I hope your little bucket is okay :). (It is a huge relief to find out WHY the baby is so fussy and irritable though. - Hang in there!)

nick and deb sorensen said...

Our monster has grown her first fang!!!


TammeNBen said...

Kloey got hers at 8 months. The funny thing is that I didn't even know. Your mom actually pointed it out to me. What an observant mother, I am. Kael was 6 months and Gali was about the same time. She got her eye teeth first, so we had a little vampire. The cutest one, I've ever seen.

Ben thinks kids looks so funny when they first get their teeth.

Melissa said...

Ok, this will test how much I can remember while pregnant (not that anyone will know if I'm wrong or not). Hyrum cut his first tooth around 9 months, Maddy cut her first one around 8 months, and Miles around 7 months.

New milestones are so fun with babies!

Marissa said...

Sydney cut hers at 10 months-she was a little late in the teeth department! Love the background btw!

theferrisoneofall said...

All three of ours were right about 6 months. But the funniest teeth I have seen were my HS basketball coaches daughter. She got all 4 of her eye teeth first and nothing else until she was almost 2. We called her "Animal" from the Muppets. She had the personality to go with the name.

Marisa said...

Cameron cut his first tooth at 4 1/4 months. Yes, early! I was wondering when you posted about Claire biting you that it might be because she was teething...!