Friday, March 13, 2009


This child moves! She's not so great at the crawling yet. Usually she'll take a few crawling movements forward to the object she wants, but then she will flop down to her stomach and reach for the item she is craving. Usually that happens to be something she shouldn't have or even FOUND!

She makes me laugh so hard. I can hardly believe that she is such a nomad! She never stays anywhere for longer than a second. I will go into the next room to find something and be back in 30 seconds and she'll have already made it across to the cord that was so far out of reach when I left I never thought it a danger.

I have a playpen that we WILL be using (I'm trying not to 'child proof' too much of my house because I figure that she should just LEARN a lot of things aren't for her. Of course, that doesn't mean I'm going to let her electricut herself or something equally as stupid. But pulling books off the shelves I'm going to try and have her learn before she even starts, that that is a no-no---we'll see how that goes).

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TammeNBen said...

Pulling books is a favorite past time of my kids. I didn't know we were suppose to teach them not to pull them and empty the shelves. Oops.