Tuesday, February 24, 2009

no no, ma ma...

Claire's latest trick is that she has learned to shake her head in the "no" motion. It's so cute to watch. I'll be going down the grocery store isle and she will randomly be telling the banana's "no no". Not that she understands what she is doing, but it is hilarious all the same. She has already started to say "ma ma", "ba ba" and you've heard about "da da". Again, she doesn't understand what she's really saying, just trying to grow up way too fast. I can picture the day when she is randomly shaking her head "no" and saying "ma ma" at the same time. I think I'll have a heart attack!

Her baby signing is starting to come along. She knows the sign for food, milk and all done. So, when ever I sign food to her, she immediately starts opening and closing her mouth (and sometimes squawking) until I put food in her mouth. When ever I sign milk, she sucks her thumb (pacifiers have NOT worked with her to get her to stop thumb sucking---any suggestions, mothers?). And when I sign all done, she puts her hands in the air as if waiting to be put down.

As of a few months ago, we realized that she favors her left hand. So, to all you south paws out there, get ready for a new one. I'm sure Grampa Sorensen and Kathleen will be excited to have another one on their side.


TammeNBen said...

I didn't know you are doing baby signs with Claire. If I was a good mom, I would do that. But I am too lazy.

I keep telling Gali that she is growing up WAY to fast.

Marissa said...

What a cutie! I love it when they start talking and Thank You!!! for my gift from your post. I love it!