Sunday, February 10, 2013

Han Rolo...

So, I had the baby. My sister (Marlies) came up from Vegas and watched my kiddos the next two days. She had quite the experience. She mentioned to me a few stories:

a few about Claire:

1. Claire received some bows from Aunt Marlies. She kept picking the pink bow...and putting it back. Marlies told her finally, "you can have the pink bow, Claire." and she replied, "My mom doesn't like me to have pink." I'm not even going to explain this one. If you don't already know, then it's not funny.

2. Claire loves pickles. As kiddos, Nick and his siblings would spend an hour eating a pickle. A single pickle. Wrapped in a napkin. I'm all for pickles, but I prefer them cold and crisp instead of warm and rubbery. Claire has picked up the trait. Any time Marlies would ask Claire what she wanted for a snack, she'd regularly reply with "a pickle".


1. Cousin Gali kept getting hit in the head because Matthew kept throwing the ball at it. Finally, Gali had enough and ran downstairs to her daddy for comfort (and probably protection). Matthew stood at the top of the stairs and yelled, "Hey you down there! I sowwy!"

2. We call Matthew, Bruiser. He lives up to his name. He often has a bruise somewhere. This week he received one on his eye, just below his eyebrow. We still aren't sure where he got it. This would make his 6th black eye.

3. Marlies is obsessed with Han Solo. Always has been, always will be. So, Marlies was wearing a Star Wars shirt. Matthew runs up to her, sits on her lap, pulls her shirt so the picture is clearly visible and says, "Can I have dat?"

4. Marlies gave Matthew some action figures from Star Wars. While presenting them to him, Marlies told him to always kiss Han. She also gave him a light saber and showed him how to fight. Today, we were cleaning some toys up and he spied his light saber. He picked it up and looked around...spotted a worthy target in Yoda...went into attack mode, rumbling "fight!!!" (literally ran over to Yoda, who was sitting peacefully on the ground, and started whacking Yoda with his light saber)...Shortly after the epic dual was won and Matthew victorious, he wanders over to find Han and give him a kiss. "I lobe it."

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