Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Running with the Angels 5k

Shay and Me at the 5k.

Not the most glamorous picture, but the meaning is still there! (you can see Nick with Claire on his shoulders right behind me. So cute!) Last weekend I ran a 5k (it's my first one that I've ever paid for). I do have a funny story to go along with it:

So, the night before we were supposed to go down to Provo so we would be nearer to the race (in Lehi at Thanksgiving Point---BEAUTIFUL RUN!). Nick's family came up to see us on Friday, which was so great to see them all, even if we had to put up with Grampa Brad (ha ha ha...we did 'renew' our contract for at least another year. We'll see about next year).

Anyway, we didn't make it out in time that night for me to get enough rest for the following morning's run. So, we decided to head out that next morning at 5am. Ummmmm...NOT A CHANCE! There was no way I was getting up when that alarm went off that early the next morning. I turned off the alarm and spent the next hour sleeping. Then I woke up with a start at about 6am and decided I should do it anyway. The race was supposed to start at 8:00am, it takes about an hour and a half to get there from Logan. We were out the door at 6:45am and made it at about 8:20. THEY HAD NOT STARTED YET! So, I grab my number from Shay's car (thanks Shay) and try to get in line. I'm pinning the stupid thing to my shirt when the race starts. I look up, go OH NO! and start running while trying to still pin that stupid thing to my shirt. Needless to say, I wasn't looking up.................... when I run right into and over the top of a big, huge, neon orange barricade! I finished the race with rocks in my hands that Nick spent the afternoon digging out of my hands. sigh

I did not make the time I had dreamed of making. But I'll blame it on the blood gushing from my hands and knee! LOL

I run a relay here next month and I'm scared to death! Better not trip over anything! I go running with a good friend because she's doing the same race (thanks for putting up with me, Missy) and she expressed that most people say that this race is worse than a marathon and it's only half the distance (it will equal about a 1/2 marathon). AGH! She did it last year and her last leg of the race she spent crying and walking most of it and she had trained for six months prior to it. That truly scares the crap out of me!


Hill Top Star said...

I'm just impressed that you ran the race with bloody hands and knees. I think I would have quit right then. Good luck in the relay.

TammeNBen said...

Way to girl! You could kick this rear end, thats for sure.

Missy said...

I know you weren't referring to me there... but holy crap, Deb! Way to go girl! You are one tough cookie and I think you're amazing for doing your run! I'd do it too if it didn't look so painful - that and I'd probably trip over a barricade too :)

Lora said...

Good for you! I remember when I used to do that... hmm, what happened? Good luck with the next one!

Lynz said...

Oh, goodness! Good job to run while bleeding! If it makes you feel any better, I run into things all the time!