Wednesday, May 20, 2009

the job...

thank you everyone for praying for us to have Nick find a job. Not only did he GET one (sucky economy...bah!), but it's a great one with lots of potential! It's been an ongoing thing with his department at his current job at USU (it's supposed to be 15 hours a week or less for a STUDENT...but they have loved him so much that they gave him full time hours---without benefits---until he could find another job. He's been doing this for almost 2 years now).

About a month ago, his boss's boss's boss (the VP of something rather) told him that he was "working on getting you a position here full time." We didn't hear anything else for about a month. We thought it was going to be something he couldn't follow through with and continued our searching. I bet we put in 100-115 applications. The economy is just so terrible right now...sigh...(good luck to all of you still searching for a job---you're in our thoughts and prayers).

Anyway, Nick received a call from
to do an interview for a TL for the call center. We didn't imagine that he would get the job because there is no way he could know the amount of things that a person who has been working in the call center knows (policy and procedures, not to mention the million products). But we decided an interview is an interview. He went. He's had a few others, but this is the one that pulled the VP to Nick one day 2 weeks ago and told him, "kids raised in Utah County are way are you moving to Provo...etc..." (NO OFFENSE TO UTAH COUNTY RAISED INDIVIDUALS! I AM ONE PART OF YOU and a few parts Box Elder County with a pinch of Oregonian! DON'T BE IRRITABLE!) He said that he would get back to Nick a while later about it. He was still working on securing funds for the job.

Finally we heard back from him. Nick was called into his office and told about the position:
a part of the research team for the development department. In addition he would be the assistant to the VP.

He would travel instate with the VP to learn how to contact donors to help fund the school and would eventually move to a developer of the University. BIG, BIG time stuff. We are so grateful. Nick is such a hard worker and deserves this especially after all he does on a daily basis to be honest, patient and trustworthy. We are honored by this position. It also makes it super easy for him to get an MBA (half priced tuition, baby!). We are SO GRATEFUL! Thank you Father. thank you family and friends.

On another note: Pics of Cmonster

Claire and ravioli get alone swell. My fav is that she has it over her eye! How did she do that!?

Cleaning one day, I put a bunch of clothes in a pile next to C. She climb into this and proceeded to where it around the house for a while. Made my heart sing. She's so dang cute!


James, Kira, Rylee and Jett said...

Congrats on finding a great job! We know how hard that can be. Sounds like Nick will love it. Claire is super cute!

theferrisoneofall said...

Yay! You seriously had me so excited when you were writing about the interview at Nuskin! I know you guys love it up there, but darnit! I want you closer! Congrats Nicko!

Lora said...


David and Lauren said...

Yeah for a job! Cute baby too!

Lynz said...

That is wonderful! And I really do understand that kids in Utah County are odd... look at me? =)

I love the pics of C! She is so cute!