Saturday, November 15, 2008

private, please!

So, after talking with a few of my friends, it has come to my attention that having an open ended blog allows a lot more people than my family and friends to read it. I have, therefore, decided that it is not a good idea for anyone who wants to look at my blog and my baby. I will, therefore, be going "private". Sorry if this inconviences anyone. Know it is not done to drive everyone crazy, but as a somewhat paranoid/protective act towards ensuring that only people I choose may look at my blog. We love you all! thanks for your patience!

Yesterday, after Claire ate her cereal, she was a mess...Nick was washing her off in the sink and she decided she needed a drink...It made us laugh so hard, we had to take a picture...

Presenting: Hula Dancer, Claire!

We were sitting down to eat dinner...Nick keeps trying to teach Claire new tricks, so he gave her his drink...She must have been more hungry than I thought, because she decided to suck on it! she makes me laugh!

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Marissa said...

So cute! and don't worry about the private things..I am still debating, so I understand! :)