Monday, December 1, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

We went to Phoenix for Thanksgiving this year...We were able to stay in my sister's friends home (everyone had their own bedroom and bed, there was a pool table, swimming pool/hot tub, theater room, and two huge dogs that Nick adored! K, not really)...Claire sat on the floor in her bumbo while we ate dinner...She's figured out how to grab hold of things and she was swinging her spit up clothe like no body's business! Love that kid...

The car ride was not something I ever want to experience again, and I'm sure it could have been a whole lot worse...Claire was an angel even having to sit in that stupid seat for over 26 hours in six days!
This picture is us in the grocery store shopping for Thanksgiving dinner...Claire is sitting on a scale in the produce section...isn't she cute!?

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Lora said...

Yeah! i get to see you again! lovely pics and sounds like a fun time!