Saturday, July 30, 2011

conversations with claire...

Things have certain titles in our house. For example, Claire has some hand me downs (that we are so grateful for, don't let the story detract from this. It's all about the funny factor). In one of the batches of hand me downs we received were some blue, Cinderella tennis shoes. They are absolutely plastic wrapped with gold sparkles and a prominent Cinderella displayed on each side. I think they are the most hideous things in the entire world. Hence: Claire LOVES them. I started calling them her 'ugly shoes' and it stuck. She asks me where her 'ugly shoes' are, or if she can wear them to church or whatever...(and now I have to explain that I teach Claire that Mom doesn't like pink...blech...but Claire can like pink. that's fine. But we don't have to always like the same's all about independent thinking...I digress...ahem....)

So this is the preface to this story:
Claire is clacking away in these awful fake high heeled, princess, pink, plastic shoes. Nick and I hate these things. If she's not stepping on our toes in them, she's trying to tap dance, which literally shakes the house. I'm in the shower, oblivious. Nick is trying to put Matthew down.

I get out of the shower.

Claire barges in.

Claire: Mom, Daddy told me to take off my 'stupid shoes'. (In our house we try not to say stupid. Honestly, that was harder than I ever thought it would be.)

Mom: Claire! We don't say 'stupid'!

Claire: But Daddy calls them 'stupid shoes'.

So, we have named these too.

this was going to be several conversations recorded...but that'll have to wait. I took to long telling the first story!