Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Birthday Bear! 3 years old today

It's my dear girl's birthday today!

Happy Birthday, Claire Bear!
You light up my days and nights. I still have to go in to see you before I go to bed because I can't help it. I kiss your soft cheek and you turn over in your sleep, usually away because you don't like to cuddle, which makes me laugh.

You're so opinionated! You want to be the boss of everyone. I love it when you sit and laugh with Matthew. You call him "My son" as if that were his name. You splash in the tub with him. You try and carry him (ahh!), you take things from him if you think he'll choke on it. You yell at him if he's playing with electric cords like Mom does.

You hate time outs, potty training, broccoli, and potatoes

You love your Daddy, Dora, Aurora (eek!), purple, you give your dad anything that's blue because "it's your favorite color, Daddy!", reading, apples, hot dogs
You would drink every meal if you could.
You ARE SO SMART! And maybe that is a very biased mother, but I still cannot believe that you ride your bike so well and how fast you learned to do it. You speak so well. A full year ago you were speaking how most of the 3 year olds I know speak and now that you ARE 3, you speak like a 5 years old.

I love you SO MUCH, little girl who wants to be big.

"I went on a bike ride last years!"

"I am a big girl so I can ride in the street!"

"Mom, can we go to the librahry to play on computers?"


Joe and Jessica Elmer said...

What fun pictures of Claire! Happy Birthday to your little one.

tawnya said...

Aw. Happy Birthday to my future daughter in law (because I totally think we should work on this arranged thing...although he has his eye on an older woman right now...)

Lauren said...

Happy Birthday Claire Bear! It was so good to see you guys last month.

Camille said...

Happy Birthday to Claire! She's a cutie!

Mallory Boggs said...

Happy Happy Birthday Claire Bear! Thanks for being by best buddy! Love you!

Charlie said...

I love all the picutres. I hope she has a very happy birthday!

Lacy@uphillandsmiling said...

Happy Birthday, Claire!! She is so adorable... my girls want to play with her again... probably to dress her up like a little doll.":)